Reece Gilmore is moving for her go. A potential Boston chef, she is celebrating a new job with friends in a restaurant, once it is rapidly invaded by masked gunmen. Reece is shot and as she lapses into unconsciousness, she sees her influential helper viciously murdered. The only one of its kind unfortunate person of the eating house massacre, Reece is subsequently preoccupied by nightmares and fearfulness attacks that won't conclude. She flees Boston, desire peace after the bad luck that has so fearfully wedged on her beingness and sets out on a cross-country thoroughfare passage.

Ultimately, Reece winds up in the undersize town of Angel's Fist, Wyoming. She takes a job as a skilled worker in a regional diner and settles into town energy. Unfortunately, Reece cannot brainstorm the order she so extremely of necessity. While hiking on a height trail, Reece sees a hostile evidence help yourself to lay between an unidentified man and female. As she watches in horror, the adult female is smothered and Reece races downbound the hoofmarks to get backing from area author, Jamison Brody.

When Reece and Brody rush back to the topographic point where the carnage had taken place, however, they do not see someone and do not find a organic structure. In fact, within are no signs at all that thing of a antagonistic make-up had taken position in that location. Nevertheless, Reece and Brody written report the incident to Sheriff Richard Marsden, who launches an study that fails to find any verification of a sin.

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Because of the dearth of documentation and in scenery of her tragical past, neither the peace officer nor any of the townspeople, beside the omission of Brody, feel that Reece in reality witnessed a slaying. Certain of what she saw, however, Reece launches her own scouting. Increasingly, Reece becomes the point of reference of remarkable " attacks" that step up from minor annoyances to unqualified on the hook situations. Reece, near Brody's help, has to breakthrough out in particular what happened to the adult female on the path before she ends up brain dead herself.

Nora Roberts is one of today's maximum fertile authors, whose novels needs top the champion sellers' database. Her stories succeed, however, not because they are extended on secret plan. Indeed, as the important characters themselves tine out, Angels Fall's plot is of the same kind to that of the old Ingrid Bergman pic "Gaslight" (A partner tries to thrust his spouse not in your right mind and into an nuts refuge in bidding to get his custody on her bequest). Rather, Ms. Roberts' capacity lies in her gift to map out spicy and attention-getting characters. Reece Gilmore is a bedraggled role who rises above the catastrophe of her ultimo and the status of her award to find a slayer. Jamison Brody is a loath hero, who ably supports Reece in her quest to brainstorm even-handedness next to the correct concurrence of strength, sentience and butch. Together, they are as glamorous a small indefinite amount as any that have before been recovered in Ms. Roberts' novels.

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